About the Company

River Haven has been around for over 10+ years in Black River Falls, WI. The company was acquired by Hayley Honish in 2014 with the sole mission of providing guests with superior service and pampering unlike any other salon. The company is right in the middle of Main Street and has the great pride of serving its community and people.

River Haven is a proudly run Aveda Concept salon. The term Concept Salon means that the staff is fully committed to the Aveda brand/mission and acts environmentally and socially responsible from the products used to the green initiatives developed in-house. To learn more about Aveda, please visit Living Aveda.


River Haven is a highly employee-centric organization and is pleased to be a team based pay salon. The company adopted the system because of the team atmosphere it creates and the culture it nurtures. The team based salon allows guests to move freely between stylists and service providers. The stigma of “my stylist will be mad if I go to someone else” is not the mentality at River Haven. The staff encourages guests to try different River Haven team members when visiting the salon.

In addition to the pay scale model, River Haven also encourages team members to grow in their roles and dream of what’s next for their career. The salon offers Apprenticeship Programs for new learners that can be extremely beneficial to one’s career. It allows them to learn directly from professionals working in the salon and earn some extra money while doing so. Continuing Education is also a top priority for the salon and its employees as the industry is constantly changing and evolving. River Haven brings in industry leaders for classroom learning activities as well as participates in Aveda continuing education courses, webinars and attends several industry events throughout the calendar year.

Events & More

River Haven is a place to go to relax but also a place to learn and have fun! The salon hosts a variety of events throughout the year and encourages new and existing clients to partake and enjoy. Some of the events include hair and makeup workshops which teach guests how to complete popular looks on their own. New product launch events that include product demo and mini hair, spa or makeup services on guests.

In addition to industry-related events, River Haven and its employees like to participate in fundraising efforts that help support clean water projects and donate time and/or donation baskets to the community. The company happily donates thousands of dollars of services to the community for events and raffles. Lastly, the salon hosts an Open House each December to celebrate customers and also encourage guests to invite their friends, family and neighbors to join in on the fun! During the event, there are free gift bags, tons of promotions and mini services happening in the salon. To keep up with events happening, follow River Haven Salon & Spa on FacebookInstagram or Twitter!